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Length 01:23:43

LSAT Podcast Episode 72: LSAT Accommodations: The Inside Story

Testing accommodations are one of the LSAT’s most mysterious and misunderstood features, but not to worry: Dave and Jon are here to clear it all up! Whether you’re wondering if you qualify and what options might be available, how to apply without fear of getting denied, if law schools can spot accomm applicants and how they’re treated, or what steps to take to ensure you receive exactly what you deserve on test day, Episode 72 has these answers and more.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 - Intro. Jon and Dave get into a festive mood with the drinks of the week and an Adam Sandler throwback.

8:52 - This week in the LSAT world. Recapping this week’s November LSAT score release, LSAT Writing updates, January registration reminders/retake advice, and some info on our upcoming courses to get you ready for the winter tests!

Test Accommodations

35:20 - What are accommodations? Jon and Dave discuss LSAC’s intentions with allowing testing accommodations in specific situations.

41:59 - Who may qualify and what’s typically provided? A breakdown of the two main groupings usually considered for testing accommodations - physical and psychological - and past examples of students that were given accommodations and what was provided for them.

51:16 - How do you apply and demonstrate your eligibility? Make sure to visit LSAC’s site for detailed instructions (, and gather your necessary documentation ahead of time.

1:02:01 - Will you be approved? Clearing up some misconceptions of who will and won’t be approved, and advice on the appeal process if you aren’t granted accommodations. Additional reading from LSAC: Common Reasons Why Documentation Is Deemed Insufficient

1:08:00 - Should I apply for accommodation? The pros and cons of taking the test in an accommodated setting to be mindful of. Plus, dispelling the myth that law schools view accommodated test takers differently.

1:14:10 - What steps should you take to ensure you receive what you deserve and that the accommodations are properly implemented? Dave and Jon provide advice on the timeline of applying for accommodations in relation to your test date, and what to do once you are approved. Step 1 - don’t forget to register first!!

1:21:17 - Outro.