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Length 01:06:25

LSAT Podcast Episode 73: Student Question Mailbag #6

Jon and Dave are back with another round of student questions from the mailbag! In this episode they discuss the growing LSAT score bubble and its likely impact on school medians and admissions odds, the popularity of January and February and why you should consider both, when to write addenda (whether for scores, resume gaps, or legal missteps), how long LSAT skills tend to last, and more.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 - Intro. Dave and Jon throw it back to some classic 90’s Stone Temple Pilots for the song of the week. Make sure to follow our Spotify playlist containing every single episode song pick from the beginning of the podcast and onward.

5:58 - This week in the LSAT world. Recapping the January registration numbers (2.5x increase from last year!), plus February LSAT info (reminder - sign up for the Feb. test by 1/6/21), and what the massive bump in law school applicants for the ’21 cycle means.

Student Mailbag Questions

22:34 - “I’ve heard you guys talk about the score bubble on the Flex tests. What does that mean, and how will it affect this cycle?” / “How much of a bump do you expect in schools’ LSAT medians?”

33:06 - “How big of a disadvantage are January test applicants at than those who took earlier tests?” (Additional: watch the “Secrets Of The Law School Admissions Process webinar recording with Dave)

37:30 - “I have taken the LSAT 4 times, and 3 of them were pretty bad, but my best score should be enough to get into my top law school on its own. Could schools potentially not accept me because of my 3 lower scores?” / “If I get a 168 on my upcoming test, will it hurt my chances of getting in because I have a 163 on record?”

43:46 - “Will the LSAT will ever return to in-person testing, and, if so, will it follow the format of LSAT-Flex rather than the traditional LSAT? I am curious whether I should prepare for a traditional, in-person LSAT or instead, an LSAT-Flex, at least through the end of 2021?”

48:16 - “How quickly do your LSAT skills fade after you’re done with the test?”

52:49 - “Due to COVID circumstances I haven't been working the past 6 months. Does that look really bad? Will law schools flag this as me just sitting around this year?”

56:07 - “If I have a Letter Of Recommendation from over a year ago do I need to have it updated?”

58:24 - “Most applications have very specific language stating, “You must report all offenses, including offenses involving alcohol or drugs” - does this include a ticket for public intoxication? How much does this REALLY impact your chances of getting into a law school? There was no conviction in court, no follow up actions besides a small fine, and no prior history apart from this incident in my early 20’s (I was of legal drinking age at the time).”

1:05:56 - Outro.