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Length 01:42:49

LSAT Podcast Episode 75: State of the LSAT Union: 2020 Recap and 2021 Preview

2020 was a year of unprecedented change, from test cancellations amid quarantine orders to the introduction of the LSAT Flex. In this strange year's final PodCast, Jon and Dave recap the past twelve months—highlighting the pivotal LSAT developments, good and bad—before previewing what 2021 has in store. Be sure to stick around until the episode's end, as they also offer a first-ever glimpse at several new prep projects currently in the works!

Episode Timestamps

0:00—Intro. “Sympathy For The Devil” by the Stones soundtracks a recap of this volatile year in the LSAT world and beyond. (Follow our PodCast Picks playlist on Spotify!)

7:55 — This week in the LSAT world. Predictions for when we’ll hear about Flex vs. Standard for the remaining ’21 tests past April, plus January/February test reminders.

17:02 — 2020 Recap. From LSAT licensing changes, to the sudden switch to the Flex format, to the uptick in applicants and score medians reported at the end of the year — Jon and Dave hit it all and everything in between!

1:01:43 — 2021 Preview. What should students expect from a test format and content standpoint in the new year, and what does the 2020 turmoil indicate for the next admissions cycle? Additional viewing/reading: PowerScore Crystal Ball webinar recording predicting content on all tests through April / “Is the 2021 Law School Admissions Cycle More Competitive?” blog article

PowerScore 2021 Projects and Plans

1:21:29 — Where are the 2021 LSAT Bibles?

1:25:00 — The PowerScore LSAT Bibles Course. Shedding some light on one of the biggest projects we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the majority of the year.

1:35:39 — The new PowerScore GRE Course. Some info on our vastly updated GRE online course set to launch soon!

1:40:00 — Outro. Endless thanks to all of our listeners new and old that have helped push us all the way to episode 75! Much more to come soon.