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Length 01:20:39

LSAT Podcast Episode 76: How To Resolve Resolve Questions

The first episode of the new year sees Dave and Jon tackle one of their all-time favorite Logical Reasoning question types: Resolve the Paradox! Tune in as they explain exactly how these questions work, outline the best approach for solving them, and reveal a comprehensive series of specific categories highlighting the test makers' favorite Paradox scenarios.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. Getting back in the saddle for the first episode of 2021! Dave previews the episode discussion by pouring a “Conflict & Compromise” (drink recipe on our Instagram).

5:30 – This week in the LSAT world. Looking to the near future (January/February tests) and predicting what’ll happen later in the year. Make sure to read our recent blog about remaining 2021 LSAT dates.

Resolve the Paradox Questions

13:28 – What are they and why do people like them?

18:08 – What’s in the stimulus?

25:07 – What does the question stem look like?

29:31 – How do you resolve these problems? Jon and Dave provide a variety of ways to properly approach these questions when you run into them and what pitfalls to avoid.

33:26 – Wrong answers. How to navigate enticing, yet incorrect answer choices. Make sure you keep to the facts!

38:59 – General examples of scenarios created by the test makers for Resolve the Paradox questions (including Statistical, Motivational, and External/Natural).

1:02:00 – Specific example. Dave and Jon break down an actual Resolve the Paradox test question from start to finish and apply all of the previously discussed strategies to arrive at the proper answer.

1:19:19 – Outro.