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Length 01:25:04

LSAT Podcast Episode 77: The January 2021 LSAT-Flex Review

With the January 2021 LSAT-Flex week coming to an end, Jon and Dave are finally free to tell you all about it! Join them as they break down all of the content used this week—including the international LSATs—and offer their take on everything from overall difficulty, unusual moments, and scale predictions for every possible test configuration.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 –Intro. Caffeine and alcohol combine to get ready for a recap episode following a long week of January tests. The song is a classic track from Faith No More, Stripsearch.

3:38 – This week in the LSAT world. Other than the forthcoming main discussion of the January test, Dave and Jon give out some reminders and updates on LSAT Writing, tests past April, and more. Additional resources for LSAT Writing: +

The January 2021 LSAT

10:57 – General Impressions. Recapping the general feedback we received about the smoothness of administration, tech issues, overall test taker numbers, and info on how to file any complaints with LSAC.

28:26 – The Tuesday International Tests Review (1/19/21)

36:35 – The Saturday Tests Review (1/16/21)

56:26 – The Sunday Tests Review (1/17/21)

*Note: no new domestic testing content was introduced Thursday, so all sections that test-takers would’ve seen on either of those days is covered in the earlier discussions.

1:11:07 – The Scoring Scale. After analyzing each possible section combination that took place, Dave and Jon offer their scoring scale predictions for the various test configurations that could have been encountered on the January LSAT.

1:21:13 – Score Release. Reminders on when scores come out and how the process works.

1:24:10 – Outro.