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Length 01:35:25

LSAT Podcast Episode 78: What's the Deal With Addenda?

As we move deeper into this year's admissions cycle, applicants naturally wonder what, if anything, they can still do to improve their acceptance odds. In this week's episode, Dave and Jon offer advice on a critical decision: how and when to submit law school addenda, informing admissions committees of the circumstances behind less-than-stellar application elements and allowing them to better interpret blemishes on your record. If you're on the addendum fence this conversation is for you!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. A quick dive into the past few weeks since the last episode as Christina Perri’s “The Words” sets the tone for today’s main discussion on application addenda. Make sure to follow our PowerScore PodCast Picks playlist on Spotify! (additional reading referenced: “Tom Brady and the LSAT”)

This Week in the LSAT World

13:42 – January 2021 makeup exam recap.

16:54 – January score release. Summarizing the overall score feedback, scoring scale, and more. Plus, reminders about the Score Audit process. (additional reading referenced: “Waiting on Law School Decisions? Don’t Forget Your Mental Health”)

27:40 – February test. Information about the upcoming February exam, beginning on 2/20.

34:17 – April test. Registration deadline reminder (2/24) and why students might want to take advantage of this particular test if they are on the fence. (additional reading referenced: “The April/June LSAT and the Law School Waitlist”)

41:54 – PowerScore spring projects.

Law School Application Addenda

44:54 – What is addenda? A quick intro on what addenda entails and what our goals are for this discussion (additional reading referenced: “What’s the Deal with Addenda?” / “The Trap of ‘Why X’ Essays”)

49:14 – LSAT-related addenda.

1:05:50 – GPA-related addenda. (additional reading referenced: “What are Splitters, Reverse Splitters, and Super Splitters?”)

1:15:48 – Employment-related addenda.

1:21:47 – Miscellaneous addenda (learning disabilities, no extracurriculars, legal troubles).

1:34:56 – Outro.