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LSAT Podcast Episode 79: The Death of the LSAT Flex

LSAC has just made a major announcement covering everything from the next 16-months' worth of test dates to the future of the LSAT's format. In episode 79 of the PodCast, Jon and Dave give a rundown of everything they've learned so far, as well as their take on these breaking developments!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. Just as we thought we were taking a minor break from the podcast, LSAC throws us right back into it with the announcement of all LSAT dates through June ’22. Caffeine is chugged as Dave and Jon make sense of it all.

3:48 – 9 new LSAT dates through June 2022. Jon and Dave go over each of the upcoming dates and why so many were announced at once.

6:45 – June 2021 is the last LSAT-Flex. RIP to the short-lived 3-section test. Registration for June opens 2/22 and closes 4/29!

10:41 – August 2021 will transition to a 4-section test. There will be the standard Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension sections, and the return of an additional Experimental section. Jon and Dave recap what the Experimental section means, and go over a few other details like scale, test breaks, and more. (additional reading: “The LSAT Experimental Section Explained”)

29:36 – Registration. Everything we know about when registration will take place for August and beyond.

30:25 – Will in-person testing return at test centers?

34:26 – Will schools have a preference if you have a Flex score vs. a non-Flex score or view them differently?

36:25 – Will these upcoming tests be disclosed or non-disclosed?

39:11 – How should one prepare for the 4-section test?

45:45 – Outro.