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LSAT Podcast Episode 84: Causal Reasoning Part I: The Nature of Basic LSAT Causality

After several months of LSAT-Flex reviews and admissions cycle analysis, Jon and Dave are getting back to basics with a conceptual overview of causal reasoning. In this episode they examine precisely how LSAT causality operates, the central assumption that makes it so vulnerable, common points of confusion including correlations and conditionality, and the key distinctions between causation in premises and conclusions. If you’re looking for a quick LR performance boost you won’t want to miss this!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon throw it back to an 80’s Kenny Loggins classic before recapping the recent LSAT landscape.

4:02 – This week in the LSAT World. Lots of activity in our realm this week; including April score release, June LSAT registration deadline (today!), and upcoming PowerScore webinars (sign up for the June test “Crystal Ball” preview workshop with Dave and Jon here:

LSAT Causality – Dave and Jon dive into Part 1 of the main discussion on all things LSAT Causality, including:

15:24 – LSAT Causality vs. Real World Causality

20:50 – The Central Assumption (LSAT Causality’s Weakness/Vulnerability)

27:00 – Recognizing Causality

33:45 – Causality vs. Correlations

40:48 – Causality vs. Conditionality

52:33 – Causality in Premises vs. Conclusions

57:46 – Outro. Part II next!