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Length 01:01:09

LSAT Podcast Episode 85: Causal Reasoning Part II: Causality and Question Types

Wrapping up their comprehensive coverage of LSAT causality, Dave and Jon move from conceptual discussions of causation to an application-focused look at how causal reasoning is treated in the test’s various LR question types. Specifically, you’ll hear them address what to look for and how to best respond to causality in every context—from Weaken to Strengthen to Flaw and more—before touching on advanced cause and effect constructions, ensuring you’re ready for everything the LSAT can throw at you!

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. “Take It Easy” by The Eagles illustrates the vibe of these thankfully low-key couple of weeks.  

7:38 – This week in the LSAT world. With the June LSAT on the horizon, make sure you’re registered for the “June LSAT Crystal Ball” live webinar session with Dave and Jon on 5/25 at 8:00pm Eastern. Register here: Note: no recording will be made available afterwards (except for our LSAT Course and Tutoring Package students), so make sure you’re there for the live event to get this insider info straight from our hosts!

LSAT Causality Part II

14:30 – Part 1 recap / Part II goals

19:00 – Must Be True / Cannot Be True Questions

24:22 – Weaken Questions

31:02 – Strengthen Questions

35:33 – Assumption Questions

42:10 – Method / Flaw Questions

45:16 – Resolve The Paradox Questions

48:08 – Parallel Questions

52:30 – Advanced Causal Forms

1:00:39 – Outro