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Length 01:19:22

LSAT Podcast Episode 86: The June 2021 LSAT-Flex Review: We Make History, Again

Jon and Dave bid farewell to the last-ever LSAT-Flex with a bittersweet sendoff: the short format will be sorely missed, but celebrations also abound, as they correctly predicted the exact LSAT given to the majority of June test takers! Join them as they discuss all of the test forms used—domestic and international—concluding with an analysis of each section's difficulty and a scale calculation for every unique combination.


0:00 — Intro. Celebrations are due and champagne is poured as the June LSAT week comes to an end, the Flex era comes to an end, Dave celebrates an anniversary, Jon gets fully vaxxed, and we get to a run a quick victory lap for the spot-on prediction of the content on the recent test.

5:20 — This week in the LSAT world. Make sure to take advantage of our Stuck At Home Sale before it goes away on 6/30 to save on courses, tutoring, and books! Also don't forget to sign up for the next free LSAT Crystal Ball webinar previewing the August LSAT here and see if we nail it yet again. This information will only be available to people who attend the live session and our course/tutoring students.

The June 2021 LSAT

12:20 — General feedback. Recapping the test taker numbers, technical issues, and a reminder to get those LSAT Writing portions done if you haven't yet!

30:30 — The Domestic Tests Review. A discussion of all sections seen Saturday-Tuesday on the domestic LSAT and the order they were unleashed throughout the week.

55:20 — The International Test Review. A quick analysis of the sections and difficulty level found on the Thursday international test.

1:00:09 — The International Test Scoring Scale Prediction.

1:02:36 — The Domestic Test Scoring Scale Predictions. Analyzing all potential section combos found on the domestic test and the various scoring scales that are likely for each iteration.

1:18:24 — Outro.