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LSAT Podcast Episode 92: Student Question Mailbag #7

It's time for another Student Mailbag episode, with Jon and Dave fielding questions on a wide range of important subjects: how über-busy people can best organize a study schedule, knowing when you've truly peaked and shouldn't retest, when a retake makes sense and how to properly prep for it, appropriate and inappropriate personal statement topics, applying early decision, 2021-2022 cycle predictions, and more!


0:00 – Intro. Kicking things off with “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones in honor of the late Charlie Watts.

4:38 – This week in the LSAT world. August test makeup recap, October and November test deadlines, August score release, and our upcoming October LSAT Crystal Ball preview webinar with Jon and Dave on 9/12!

Listener Submitted Questions

16:30 – “What are the best time management methods for balancing a family, full time job, and LSAT prep?”

25:46 – “To what degree should you log, track, and analyze your wrong practice test answers?”

30:56 – “When do you know if you’ve reached your LSAT peak? Is there one?”

37:16 – “Why did I have a 10 point score drop from my consistent average range after 8 months of studying full time and following recommended prep methods/behavior?

45:56 – “I recently received an official medical diagnosis of having OCD, along with proper medical and therapy treatment. My practice tests have been much more manageable and successful than the previous 3 times I took the official test before the diagnosis. Should I retake the LSAT for a 4th time now that I feel much more comfortable? If so, should I write an addendum explaining what was up with having undiagnosed OCD on my first 3 attempts?”

52:08 – “Do you ever recommend taking the January LSAT after applying to school, solely to raise your score for scholarship purposes? Is there anything besides GPA that you think law schools look for when deciding who to offer scholarships to?”

57:39 – “How personal is too personal for my law school personal application personal statement?”

1:00:10 – “I understand schools prefer academic sources for Letters of Recommendation, but I’ve been in online/zoom classes since my sophomore year of college. I would have to go back to my early undergrad days to find a professor who knows me well. Should I write an addendum? Would an academic advisor work instead?”

1:06:42 – “Is it better to go to a top 20 school and incur 150k+ in debt, or go to a top 50 school with no debt?” (additional listening)

1:15:20 – “What are the pros/cons to early decision admissions programs and how significant are those during this upcoming cycle?”

1:21:47 – “I worry about my ability to do well on a law school level as I only have a bachelor’s degree with a 3.5 GPA. Are there any resources about first generation college undergrads and their law school experiences and/or success stories of these types of students who received scholarships to top ranked schools?” (1L Advantage Course)

1:30:36 – “Do you believe that the next law school admissions cycle will be as hard as the ’20-’21 cycle?”

1:37:41 – Outro.