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LSAT Podcast Episode 94: Student Question Mailbag: Law School Admissions Part 2

It’s time for the 8th installment of our popular Student Question Mailbag series, this time devoted entirely to admissions (Part 1 of this Admissions discussion can be found at Join Jon and Dave as they tackle a long list of key questions, like how to best write resumes and personal statements, what constitutes a realistic reach school and how to improve your chances, and many more!


0:00 – Intro. Despite Dave’s aversion to jam bands, “Bouncing Around The Room” by Phish provides the perfect preview for today’s main discussion.

3:45 – This week in the LSAT world. Recapping the new LSAT content and data released into the public sphere, plus reminders for the upcoming Fall ’21 tests (including our next Crystal Ball webinar!).

Law School Application/Timeline Questions

15:38 – “If schools are going to milk those inflated scores until they run out, is it actually better not to apply super early this year if your stats are more in line with previous/usual medians?”

19:10 – “If you apply to a school binding early decision and they don’t accept you early but look at you for regular decision, does that mean your app is being looked at ‘late’ in the regular cycle?”

21:10 – “If an applicant’s profile is geared towards a certain field (say international law, corporate law, etc.) will schools that are focused in that field see the student as an asset, liability, or neither. On the other hand, if a student is great at a subject (this time trial advocacy, moot court, mock trial) and the school lacks in that subject, will they see them as an asset, liability, or neither?”

24:33 – “Should I only apply to schools that my GPA and LSAT are the average for, or how flexible should I be? How much of a reach is a reach for higher schools?”

29:35 – “Can you please provide some information on part time law school? Is it a good option or should we stick to full-time day programs?”

32:30 – “I would like thoughts on part time or ABA-approved online programs. Would I be missing out on important connections & opportunities by going that route? If I did an online program not in my state, would I be underprepared for the bar in my own state?”

Law School Application Component Questions

37:59 – “What are the do’s and don’t’s for resume writing? For example, should you list every club you were involved in during undergrad? If you wrote for a magazine during an internship, should you add links to the articles? How long should the resume be?”

43:01 – “I’m a waitress in my 30’s and I’ve traveled around and worked several restaurant/catering gigs so my employment section is long (I’ve done quite a bit of seasonal work). I have never been fired for cause from a job, but should I write an addendum explaining why I’ve had so many jobs (which is just the nature of the work I did for years). Also, how many years back should my resume include?”

46:50 – “In addition to the personal statement, should we do a “Why (Law School Name)” essay even if the school does not request it?” (additional reading)

50:43 – “What is the most ideal structure for a personal statement?”

54:05 – “How can a personal statement, letter of recommendation, or other aspect of your application help or hurt an LSAT score?”

57:52 – “I applied with a GRE and no LSAT last cycle (no bites). This cycle I'm applying with an LSAT. Do I need to substantively change my personal statement?”

1:05:02 – Outro.