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LSAT Podcast Episode 95: The October 2021 LSAT Review

The October LSAT was an absolute roller coaster, with system outages preventing thousands from testing on Saturday morning, extra testing days added for affected students, and endless confusion over scored and unscored sections. Fortunately Dave and Jon were along for the ride and in Episode 95 they cover it all: the rocky start, LSAC’s concessions, what was real and what was experimental, and above all the predicted scoring scales for all the various section combinations!


0:00 – Intro. Jon’s old bowling league rival Big Boi helps us out with the song of the week.

2:22 – This week in the LSAT world. Before diving into the recent October test, Jon and Dave provide reminders about our upcoming November LSAT Crystal Ball and Circular Games webinars. Register:

The October 2021 LSAT

4:42 – General feedback. Ahead of the individual test breakdowns, we recap the test taker statistics and rampant technical issues; plus advice on what to do if your test was affected.

26:33 – Reminders and disclaimers. A quick discussion of what we can and cannot disclose, and how our estimations are formulated.

37:02 – The International October 2021 LSAT Review. Analyzing the sections and difficulty level found on the Thursday international test.

42:00 – The Domestic October 2021 LSAT Review. Jon and Dave hop around all of the different test iterations seen throughout the week on the domestically-administered October LSAT. They provide insight into section difficulty, what was real vs. what was experimental, and more.

1:05:11 – Scoring Scale Predictions. Analyzing all potential section combos found on the domestic test and the various scoring scales that are likely for each iteration.

1:15:02 – Outro.