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LSAT Podcast Episode 97: The November 2021 LSAT Review

The last LSAT of 2021 is finally behind us, and Dave and Jon have all the details! Tune in as they cover the November test week from start to finish, discussing the scored and experimental sections, the relative difficulty of everything presented, their expectations for the various scoring scales, and—to top it all off—the accuracy of their predictions from their latest Crystal Ball webinar (hint: these guys are good).


0:00 – Intro. Dave and Jon finally catch a breather and relax for a moment after a long week of test monitoring and advising.

4:45 – This week in the LSAT world. January test reminders, plus an announcement for our next LSAT Crystal Ball preview webinar with Jon and Dave on 1/4/22 (Sign up here:

The November 2021 LSAT

10:38 – General notes and feedback. Dave and Jon cover the test taker stats per day, upcoming score release, retake updates, and more.

16:30 – Technical errors. Recounting the severe issues reported regarding a “Page Unresponsive” error popup during the first day of testing and providing advice to those who were affected.

26:55 – Reminders and disclaimers. Important information about what we are and aren’t allowed to discuss in these review episodes, and the answers to a few common questions we typically receive after our reviews.

32:50 – The Domestic November 2021 LSAT review. Jon and Dave hop around all of the different test iterations seen throughout the testing week on the domestically-administered November LSAT. They provide insight into section difficulty, what was real vs. what was experimental, and more. We also get to take a quick victory lap for accurately predicting the identical test that was used as the test kicked off (January 2019).

1:00:18 – Scoring Scale Predictions. Analyzing all potential section combos found on the domestic test and the various scoring scales that are likely for each iteration.

1:14:45 – Outro.