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LSAT Podcast Episode 98: Student Question Mailbag #8

Jon and Dave are back with the 8th installment in their popular Student Mailbag series, tackling the most pressing questions submitted by listeners! In this LSAT–centric episode they explain how make up tests work, the pros and cons of Score Preview, November scale predictions for the 150s and 160s, when canceling a score is most advisable, and the application review process when schools can see you’re signed up for a future test date.


0:00 – Intro. Jon and Dave catch up for one final podcast conversation before Jon heads out for a long overdue extended trip abroad.

3:50 – This week in the LSAT world. Analyzing the latest law school applicant numbers and LSAT score trends, plus a reminder about our strong slate of upcoming webinars!

Listener-Submitted Questions

13:50 – "How do the official make up LSATs work? Are they the same as the regular test week's? Is the difficulty easier, harder, or the same?"

22:12 – “How does Score Preview work in your LSAC account? Can you see the score earlier than others before the official release date? Is it worth the money?"

30:31 – “How will the curve look on the November LSAT in the 150-155 range?”

35:42 – “Is it possible that LSAC mixed real content with experimental on the November test?”

42:24 – “I've taken the LSAT four times, but only did writing samples for the first two (my two most recent takes were in 2019, and my writing samples were from 2018). Am I in trouble? Will my scores still be released to the schools I'm applying to?" (additional listening:

45:25 – "I was feeling on track to be ready for the LSAT in a few weeks, but things at work have gotten pretty insane, and I don't know if I will have the time I thought I would to study leading up to the test. Is it better to just reschedule, or take the exam anyway and see how I do, even though I may not be able to study very much in the next few weeks?"

49:41 – "If I take the test and get below my target score, should I cancel? I have LSAT score preview for this test."

59:38 – “Is it worth it to take the LSAT again in January but be really late in the application cycle if I feel like I can do better?"

1:08:00 – "What happens when I sign up for the January test? Do I have to tell schools I'm taking it? Will they make a decision before my January score comes out?"

1:13:46 – Outro.