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Length 01:13:29

LSAT Podcast Episode 25: Crystal Ball: Predicting the September, October, and November 2019 LSATs

As we fast approach the final three LSATs of 2019, Dave and Jon dust off their crystal balls and set about predicting exactly what to expect from each of these upcoming tests! Specifically, they review the Digital LSAT lessons learned in July, exploring some of the most common issues faced and how to addres them on test day, then turn to a section-by-section analysis of recent trends to help you anticipate what you'll see and prioritize your prep accordingly. Anyone with a 2019 test ahead of them needs to give this a listen!

Episode Timestamps:

0:00 – Intro. It’s time for the newest Crystal Ball episode! But first, the guys talk music and videos, and give an update on the PowerScore offices in Charleston, SC, which are being affected by Hurricane Dorian.

7:29 – This week in the LSAT world. Looks like LSAC has updated their website, and added basic section scoring (but still no test scoring). Why add one and not the other? No one knows.

Upcoming Test Info/General Digital Test Considerations

9:50 – Nondisclosed vs. Disclosed tests. Jon and Dave discuss which of the three upcoming tests are disclosed and which are not, plus chat about the new repeat limit and how these tests play into the admissions cycle.

18:06 - Test centers are filling up, so register now! Even with LSAC adding space to test centers for upcoming tests, they are still filling up rapidly (even as far away as January). 

19:17 – Let’s talk about issues with the July test and how LSAC is planning on fixing them for the fall tests. 

22:06 – This is a key section for Digital LSAT takers. Dave and Jon talk about what the July test taught us, and give recommendations for dealing with potential problems with the new tablet format. 

36:40 – Score release. How long will the wait be to receive scores moving forward? Hint: about three weeks.

Predicting the Content of the September, October, and November 2019 LSATs

38:44 – New tests? Jon and Dave predict which upcoming tests will be brand new and which will be reused past non-disclosed tests. 

43:37 – Logical Reasoning predictions, including the four most tested LR question types you need to study before the exam!

51:08 – Reading Comprehension predictions, which covers the typical topics they test, and more importantly the most frequently asked question type in RC (and how that links up well with what they test in LR).

59:29 – Logic Games predictions, including the two game types that make up 98% of LSAT LG. Plus, here is the promised link to our list of Outlier games:

1:11:19 – Outro