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Digital LSAT Testing and Analytics Package

Digital LSAT Testing and Analytics Package

Our LSAT practice platform is unparalleled. When you add the PowerScore Digital LSAT Testing and Analytics Package to your required LawHub Advantage subscription, you’ll have access to:

  • Every LSAT PrepTest 1 through 94 in digital form, delivered by our online testing platform 
  • LSAT PrepTests 50 through 94 in the new 3-Section + Experimental format
  • Every individual section from LSAT PrepTests 1 through 94
  • All of the problem sets from the Training Type I & II book series (4000+ questions divided into 68 focused sets on every question type, such as Assumption questions,
  • Weaken questions, Grouping Games, Advanced Linear Games, Science passages, etc.) The acclaimed PowerScore LSAT Performance Analytics

In other words, all the things you need to prepare properly but can’t get from solely having LawHub Advantage.

Determine your strengths

Determine your strengths and weaknesses through the power of analytics

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Why You Need Practice Test Performance Analysis

Our practice test scoring and detailed analytics will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be able to track your performance on each section by question type, reasoning type, and time per question, both for individual tests and across your entire prep history. Use the information below to guide your studies and get the most out of your preparation time!

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How It Works

The full contents of every disclosed LSAT exam are at your fingertips! You can use the questions in a variety of ways: take full tests, practice individual timed sections, work on specific question types in drill sets, or review your performance with our powerful analytics engine.

Time on subject analytics help you learn to better manage your time.

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LSAT Testing and Analytics Subscription Plans

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An LSAC Lawhub Advantage Subscription is required

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