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The PowerScore/Spivey Consulting Law School Admissions Bible

The PowerScore/Spivey Consulting Law School Admissions Bible provides every tool necessary to help you prepare and submit your absolute best law school application. Written by former law school admissions officers with years of firsthand experience in senior-level positions at top law schools (including Director of Admissions at Harvard Law, Associate Director at Vanderbilt Law, and Assistant Dean at WashU Law and Colorado Law), this book will allow you to leverage their insights throughout every step of the process. If you are applying to law school, the expertise shared will improve your understanding and give you an insider's knowledge of what law school admissions committees are looking for when making admissions decisions. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: The Basics
  • Chapter Two: Overview of Application Components
  • Chapter Three: Making Your School List and Understanding Your Chances of Admission
  • Chapter Four: Visiting, Forums/Fairs, and Building Relationships
  • Chapter Five: Standardized Tests
  • Chapter Six: Your Academic Record
  • Chapter Seven: Letters of Recommendation
  • Chapter Eight: Personal Statement
  • Chapter Nine: Resume
  • Chapter Ten: Diversity Statement
  • Chapter Eleven: Why X Essays
  • Chapter Twelve: Addenda
  • Chapter Thirteen: Other Supplemental essays
  • Chapter Fourteen: Submitting Your Application
  • Chapter Fifteen: Interviews
  • Chapter Sixteen: Waitlists
  • Chapter Seventeen: Deposits, Deadlines, and Deferrals
  • Chapter Eighteen: Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Chapter Nineteen: Handling the Stress and Anxiety of the Admissions Process
  • Chapter Twenty: Choosing Where to Attend
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Preparing for Law School and Beyond
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: You’ve Got This
  • Appendices


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“It is easy to find a lot of misleading advice online regarding law school admissions. This book will help you avoid that advice and instead focus on what really works.”

- By Brandon S.

“What truly sets it apart is the book’s honest and down to earth advice, which comes from the knowledge and experience of its highly qualified authors. The personal and approachable tone of the book is yet another bonus. It is not at all intimidating, and provides a great balance of hard data, professional advice, personal stories, and humorous anecdotes. I would recommend this book to anyone who, like me, is beginning their law school admissions journey, and even more to anyone who finds themselves in the middles of the application cycle.”

- By Dorota Z.

“This book really opened my eyes to how many little things go into the admissions process I had never considered. Super thorough and gives the inside perspective because the authors worked in law school admissions offices at highly selective schools. Highly recommend!”

- By Emily K.