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The renowned PowerScore LSAT Bible series and corresponding Bible Workbooks – trusted for over 20 years by countless test takers who have realized their law school dreams.

Our comprehensive set of prep books, written by preeminent LSAT experts Dave Killoran and Jon Denning, equip you with a robust foundation of conceptual mastery and skills for tackling every LSAT question type, preparing you for success on test day.

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The PowerScore Testing & Analytics Package

Make the most of your practice time.

Simulate the test day experience and track your progress with powerful analytics. Practicing for the LSAT requires so much more than just taking raw practice tests. With our Testing & Analytics database and online testing interface, you'll have access to everything you need to make sure your practice time is spent as efficiently as possible, including:  

  • Every available official, LSAC-licensed practice test delivered via our online testing platform
  • Custom drills isolated by question and concept type 
  • Individual full test sections from past LSATs 
  • Regularly updated practice sets and preview videos curated by our experts to reflect the most recent testing trends 
  • Performance tracking system to help determine strengths and weaknesses on individual tests/drills, as well as across your entire LSAT prep journey
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